Kade40 kookt - cookbook
For Culture House Kade40 I designed a 200-page cookbook and organized the design and production of an exhibition featuring oversized photos and texts. This project was created in celebration of their tenth anniversary, capturing the cultural scene in Vlaardingen. The participants range from museum directors to florists, each sharing their favorite dish and narrating the origin of their creation within the context of Vlaardingen. The tenth anniversary of Culture House KADE40 is a significant milestone, inviting reflection and marking the beginning of a new decade. It's a moment to look towards the future. Vlaardingen, a city of diverse cultures, is enriched by Kade 40's contribution to the city's cultural canon.

Design cookbook Kade40 Kookt
KADE40 is envisioned as a cultural flavor palace, surprising visitors with each return visit. Like cooking the same recipe with a new twist, this concept inspired the creation of the vibrant cookbook. The Kade40 offering is comparable to a table full of tapas, a fragrant rice table, or a hearty bowl of pea soup. There's a dish for every palate and an offering for every creative mind. The mix that Kade40 strives for is reflected both in this book and in our city: Vlaardingen is worth multiple visits, and this book can be rediscovered with each return.

K40 Cooks features an introduction by Barry Maré and Sylvia (directors of Kade40). This project, dedicated to the tenth-anniversary celebration, culminates in the highlight of the food festival. The texts are authored by Manou van der Zande and Evelyn Strube, with printing by Puntgaafdrukwerk and visual montage by Jasper Anker Decorations.​​​​​​​
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