Why do many people consistently take more or less the same photo?
Iconen van Leidengram​​​​​​​ – book design
Leidengram is a rapidly growing channel on the social network Instagram. It primarily features photos of our beautiful city, Leiden. Interestingly, images of the same locations frequently appear, captured at different times such as early in the morning or under the midday sun. Of course, the camera perspective is often subtly different as well.

This book serves as a translation of the online Leidengram page into a printed offline booklet. The editorial team has curated 25 iconic photos of Leiden, taken by (amateur) photographers who shared their pictures via Leidengram on Instagram. It offers a surprising perspective on this contemporary trend.

The book came into existence through a quirky collaboration with writer Richard Opost and our client Brent Renniers from Little Flame.
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