Since 1999, I have been active as a documentary portrait photographer, collaborating with leading magazines and institutions. I feel a deep love for telling stories through images. My ability to connect with my subjects allows me to go beyond the surface and reveal the stories within. 
Portrait photography, to me, is the art of capturing people's true essence. I aim to go beyond appearances, delving into the deeper layers of emotion and personality. Each photo attempts to showcase the unique complexity of the individual, creating a connection that resonates with the viewer. Additionally, I enhance the narrative by capturing the subject within their social environment, providing a broader context. By integrating surroundings, my goal is to deepen the narrative and offer a more comprehensive insight into the individual and their role within a broader social framework.​​​​​​​
fd.persoonlijk - Financieele Dagblad
I was the cover photographer for fd.persoonlijk for three years. I have photographed numerous main articles and interviews.
Kroonjuwelen uit Azië
For the exhibition, I photographed the most famous plants from the Hortus Botanicus in Leiden. 'Jewels from Asia' is a summer exhibition that highlights iconic masterpieces and the botanical gardens in Java by C.G.C. Reinwardt.
"Metal Knights" for OOM Foundation
I have been working for almost 25 years with the OOM Foundation (Foundation for Training and Development in Metalworking). I create documentary portrait series that capture various metal companies across the Netherlands. From high-tech industries to traditional yacht building, I document the diverse landscape of the metalworking sector. My goal is to provide a comprehensive visual narrative that showcases the richness and variety within the metal industry in the Netherlands.
Vlaardingen cooks
I've created a photo series featuring Vlaardingers cooking in their kitchens, capturing the diverse stories of the community. This collection was specifically created for the cookbook, commemorating the 10th anniversary of Kunsthuis Kade40.
City photographer of Leiden (photo assignment)
Photo assignment for the Stichting Stadsfotograaf Leiden (Leiden City Photographer Foundation)​​​​​​​
We, the factory - Museum de Lakenhal
"We the Factory" is a unique collection of photos and texts that tell the impressive story of the former factory workers of Leiden. These dedicated workers, with their skilled hands, made an invaluable contribution to the growth and development of the city. Their stories reveal a city that has undergone an unrecognizable transformation over time, making this exhibition a tribute to their dedication and contribution to the community.
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