Studio Rob Overmeer​​​​​​​
A design agency with a strong passion for photography and storytelling.
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After 20 years of experience as a photographer for leading magazines, advertising agencies, and organizations, coupled with my affinity for graphic design, my design studio emerged and flourished. What began with a poster (featuring one of my own photos) has evolved into designing complete exhibitions, books, magazines, and annual reports for publicly traded companies. What could be more rewarding than capturing a story in beautiful images and translating it into an appealing tangible product?

My studio specializes in quality graphic design and creating meaningful, impactful photography for various applications, including books, cookbooks, exhibitions, albums, reports, and more. Productions where creativity, vision, and social engagement come together to tell inspiring stories.
Why Studio Rob Overmeer?

Creative Expertise: 
With a keen eye for aesthetics and years of experience in the power of visual language, I deliver designs that resonate, whether for commercial projects or social initiatives.

Customization and Impact: 
Every project, whether it's a book cover, an album cover, or an exhibition for a museum, is approached with a profound understanding of the unique story that needs to be told. My designs go beyond superficial aesthetics and contribute to a greater impact and awareness.

Collaboration and Social Engagement: 
I consider my clients as partners, whether they are commercial entities, non-profit organizations, or art institutions. Our collaboration extends to close involvement in social missions, aiming for projects that are not only visually impressive but also bring about positive change in society.

Sustainability and Ethics: 
Valuing sustainability and ethical practices is an integral part of my approach, whether it's using environmentally friendly materials or supporting non-profit organizations. I strive for a positive impact on the world.

My Services

For every story or message, there's a surprising (visual) concept to be devised. By using the right images and the right design, I bring stories to attention without aggressively imposing them. For a complex communication challenge, there is usually a simple solution: 'show, don't tell.'

Graphic Design: 
From books and unique reports to exhibitions and street visuals, my designs tell a story that lingers.

My photography captures not only people and places but also emotions, stories, and missions in photos that leave a lasting impression.

Believing in knowledge sharing, I support initiatives that enrich the world, both commercially and socially.


Rob Overmeer (1971) studied design and decorative techniques at Nimeto-Utrecht and photographic design at the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht. After completing his education, he founded his studio, catering to clients such as Avantgarde, SQ, Rabobank, and Teylers Museum.

From 2009, Overmeer served as the lead cover photographer for Fd-Persoonlijk, the weekend magazine of the Financieele Dagblad, for three years. In the 2013/14 season, Overmeer was appointed as the City Photographer of Leiden. During this period, he created a weekly photo column for the Leids Dagblad. The complete series has been published as the book "Stadswachters" by Lecturis and is included in the archive of Erfgoed Leiden en Omstreken.

Since 2013, Studio Rob Overmeer has been involved in design and communication projects for organizations such as the Rijksmuseum van Oudheden, Gemeente Leiden, Universiteit Leiden, Hortus botanicus Leiden, Openbaar ministerie, Pharming Group, TU-Delft, New European Ensemble.
His work has been acquired by individuals and institutions including Museum de Lakenhal, Gemeente Amsterdam, kunstcollectie LUMC, Erfgoed Leiden, and Stichting Pieterskerk.
"In a world filled with fascinating AI developments and the daily influx of inspiring images, I firmly believe in the beauty of an authentic story serving as the crucial foundation.

My specialization lies in conceptualizing and crafting visual narratives into final design products that not only stand out but also endure. This expertise extends to both artistic works and more commercial projects.

Let's grab a coffee sometime and turn a vision into a tangible and memorable production."
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