Stijl van de Stad
Artists and scientists welcome travelers at Leiden Central station.
The City's Style is a design for the Achmea building at Leiden Central Station. It consists of five visuals, each measuring 9 by 9 meters.
De Stijl van de Stad is inspired by the Leiden resident who changed the world over a hundred years ago: Theo van Doesburg, founder of the art magazine De Stijl. Van Doesburg aimed for a reform in art that kept pace with the scientific, technical, and social changes in the world. In my portrait, you can see the icons that are currently changing the world. A city is shaped by the people who live and work there.

Not only in terms of content but also visually, the project is inspired by Van Doesburg and De Stijl. Architect Verheijen, in fact, incorporated this inspiration throughout the entire building. Fons Verheijen: 'When I created this building, I wanted to pay tribute to De Stijl. I am proud that such an important movement originated in Leiden. The painting 'Rhythm of a Russian Dance' was a direct inspiration, both for the colors, as the surroundings are so dull, and for the form of the colorful rectangles from which the building is constructed.' As a photographer, Overmeer drew specific inspiration from an iconic portrait of Van Doesburg and his wife Nelly, where diagonals and shadows play a significant role."

On the portrait
The 25 individuals portrayed represent a diverse spectrum of disciplines in which they excel, contributing to the city and the world. Among those depicted are DJ Armin van Buuren, Korea expert Remco Breuker, legal scholar Tineke Cleiren, legal historian Elsemieke Daalder, astronomer Ewine van Dishoeck, football player Samantha van Diemen, visual artist Iemke van Dijk, journalist Thomas Erdbrink, health psychologist Andrea Evers, historian Karwan Fatah-Black, biologist Auke-Florian Hiemstra, astronomer Vincent Icke, entrepreneur Peter Labrujère, Mayor Henri Lenferink, singer and conductor Nico van der Meel, comedian Jochem Myjer, immunologist Sjaak Neefjes, writer and poet Ilja Leonard Pfeijffer, actress Charlene Sancho, mathematician Ionica Smeets, KNAW president Ineke Sluiter, former hortulanus Carla Teune, activist Merijn Tinga, immunologist Maria Yazdanbakhsh, and visual artist Izaak Zwartjes.
The City's Style, a project initiated by Fons Verheijen, the architect of the Achmea building in Leiden. The portrait was created by photographer and designer Rob Overmeer and was realized with the support of the Lucas van Leyden Fund and the ArchiScienza Foundation. The artwork was recently completed, and The City's Style will be on display for five years starting from December 3, 2021
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