"We, the Factory" – Museum de Lakenhal
"We the Factory" is a unique collection of photos and texts that tell the impressive story of the former factory workers of Leiden. These dedicated workers, with their skilled hands, made an invaluable contribution to the growth and development of the city. Their stories reveal a city that has undergone an unrecognizable transformation over time, making this exhibition a tribute to their dedication and contribution to the community.

The realization of this exhibition is the result of a fruitful collaboration between Studio Rob Overmeer, responsible for the photography, Museum de Lakenhal, and PS-Theater. Studio Rob Overmeer has captured the essence of the workers' existence, immersing visitors in the experiences of this community.

As a co-organizer, Museum de Lakenhal provides a unique framework in which these stories come to life. The exhibition not only offers a nostalgic look at the past but also invites reflection on the changes that have occurred and the resilience of those who helped shape the city.

During the exhibition, PS-Theater presented an extraordinary performance, bringing elements from the past to life. Their theatrical presentation added a deeper dimension to the experience, immersing the audience uniquely in the rich historical heritage of the factory workers. The interplay of photography, museum exhibition, and theatrical elements makes "We from the Factory" not only a visual display but also an immersive and educational experience.
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